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Welcome to Quanzhou - 欢迎来到泉州

Quanzhou city evening

Feel the Spirit of China – 感受中国精神

Quanzhou is a city with almost 8.6 million inhabitants in the southern Chinese province of Fujian opposite of Taiwan. It is located near the mouth of the Jin Jiang River and the climate is pleasant and mild. In addition to its own airport, there is also a direct connection with the high-speed train to Xiamen, Fuzhou, Nanjing and Shanghai.

The port city is known for stonemasonry and an important economic center. There are many quarries and companies that deal with tiles, statues and other exclusive stones.

The port experienced the most up-and-coming time between 960-1386 during the Song Yuan Dynasty and was one of the largest ports in the world at the time. Even today it is not one of the most important ports in Southeast Asia. Quanzhou was also an important trading center for silk and porcelain. Silk and porcelain were traded on a large scale with the Arab world. As a result, Islam came to the city and the first mosque “Qingjing” was created.

泉州是中国南部福建省台湾对面的一个拥有近860万居民的城市。 它位于晋江河口附近,气候宜人,温和。 除拥有自己的机场外,还与直达厦门,福州,南京和上海的高速火车直接相连。
港口城市以砌石和重要的经济中心而闻名。 有许多处理瓷砖,雕像和其他独家石材的采石场和公司。
该港口在宋元时期的960-1386年之间经历了最兴隆的时期,是当时世界上最大的港口之一。 即使在今天,它也不是东南亚最重要的港口之一。 泉州还是丝绸和瓷器的重要贸易中心。 丝绸和瓷器与阿拉伯世界进行了大规模贸易。 结果,伊斯兰教来到了这座城市,并创建了第一座清真寺“清境”。

There is also a lot to experience and see

Buddhist Kaiyuan temple

(Chinese: 开元 寺, Kāiyuán Sì) is a little bit outside and was built during the Song period. There is a lot to see on an area of 6000 square meters. The twin pagodas added in the 13th century, old mulberry trees where, according to legend, lotus flowers appeared, or precious carvings in the main hall.

muslim qingjing mosque

(Chinese: 清淨寺, Qīngjìng Sì) is one of the oldest mosques in China and was founded around the year 1000. It has a very Arabic style, as many Arab-born residents lived in Quanzhou during this period.

Taoist Tong Hua Guang Yue temple

(Chinese: 通 淮 关 岳庙, Tōnghuái Guānyuè Miào) The temple is dedicated to the heroes Guan Yu, Yue Fei and the philosopher Confucius. This very lively temple is guarded by life-size guardian statues on horses. Inside the temple you can see wall engravings that show scenes from the life of Guan Yu.

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